Spiritual Idea:   Renounciation or Elimination
"Be ye transformed by the renewing of you mind."
Let your mind dwell on pleasant experiences as much as possible.  One's happiness is not dependent upon overcoming problems, no matter what he may think.  One's happiness is dependent upon his ability to change his attitude toward his problems.  There is a difference.
When something unpleasant happens, accept it if you must, then adjust to it.  This will make it easier to take steps to rectify it.  Destructive as it may appear, don't give it power to become a negative factor in your life.  Many people make the mistake of giving too much power to the past.  This can be a cause of stress, depression and even poor health.  It is true that what you did yeterday will have an influence on what you do today if you allow it to do so.  However, this also means that what you do today will have in influence on what happens to you tomorrow.
The difference is that you can choose the way you will act today, but what you did yesterday is already done.
Yesterday ended last night.
Just something to think about!!!
Pauline S. Viverette
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